Task 1: Get together with your neighbour and prepare a short information poster in order to explain to other kids in your school what the Brexit is. 

Consider the following questions: What happened on June 23rd, 2016? What happened after this day? What will happen in the future? What does this mean for Britain? What does this mean for the European Union?



Task 2: To further immerse into the topic, look at the websites on the resource page and collect any information you find interesting. You may share the workload with your neighbour(s). Make sure to update each other afterwards on what you found out and/or show each other interesting websites, videos and other information. 

Task 3:  Pros or Cons? Take on a position on the Brexit and write an argumentative essay, using references to the material that you found on the internet. 

Tips for writing: 







Task 4: Do you think the Brexit was a good idea? What consequences does the Brexit have? Is there anything that you still do not understand? Write a letter to the British Prime Minister Theresa May. 


The current British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Task 5: At home, you tell your parents what you did in school and what you learned about the Brexit. Try to answer the following questions of your parents in German: 

Papa: Wofür steht das Wort "Brexit"?


Mama: Worüber haben die Briten am 23. Juni 2016 abgestimmt?


Papa: Was bedeutet der Brexit für die Menschen in Großbritannien? 


Mama: Was bedeutet der Brexit für uns? Können wir jetzt nicht mehr in England Urlaub machen? 


Papa: Warum brauchen wir die EU? 



Task 6: If you have any questions left about what the Brexit is or means, take a flashcard and write down your question. We will then collect the flashcards and answer them together.



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