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You want to go to New York City?  Experience Big Apple?  Go shopping on 5th Avenue?  Watch a musical on Broadway?  Hang out in Dumbo?  Walk the Brooklyn Bridge?  Check out the Bronx Zoo?  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts? 

Here is your chance! 

Please note: All exchange Students will go on the trip, BUT we will follow the itinerary of the winners. 

Plus: There will be a very cool prize for the winning group.


What you have to do: Plan the perfect trip to NYC. 

 - Include the interests of all your group members

 - Make a plan: 

- How will you get there?

- Where will you sleep? 

- What and where will you eat?

-  What will you see and do? 

- How much will it be? 

- Are there any events at that time that are worth a visit?


Info: You will be in NYC from the 15th until the 20th of March 2019. The trip cannot cost more than $1.500 for each person. There will be 14 students and 2 teachers.


 **** Prepare a presentation for the Activeboard. It should take between 10 and 15 minutes. ****

Remember: Convince the other groups that your trip is the best by making your presentation as interesting and informative as you can. 


You can start with the information you get from this page, but you can also use other websites. Plus: There is more informative material in your classroom. 


Good Luck!





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